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About Us

We have been making kiosks, Wifi technologies, custom Linux distros, Live campaigns and other cool things for over a decade now. We have recently streamlined our IoT & Blockchain operations under Tapfer Technologies. Our parent company is Torquesol UK Ltd., operating in three countries. We are a group of professionals from the industry who have directed their attention towards all things Blockchain, IoT and new.

You will find us at the forefront of all new budding technologies.

Blockchain Technologies: Being one of the first adopters of Blockchain Technology, we have a strong and solid footing in the field. We have apps, contracts and complete Blockchains working in the wild that we have developed and maintain. At Tapfer Technologies, we strive for excellence and innovation. Our clients come to us because we can do what others cannot. Imagine the impossible is now possible!
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Internet of Things: We were one of the first proud companies to work with Alexa integration and have helped multiple projects with integration and custom Hub Development. We have the capabilites and the capacity to make your IoT scheme come to life.

Let's get Started!

Let's make the impossible possible!

  • All our Software comes with a Lifetime warranty: if it is ever broken while being actively used, we are responsible and we will fix it free of cost. Always!
  • Your project & idea is thoroughly covered under an NDA and we will never give a demo and/or divulge information without a written consent from you.

We want to make it easy, quick and painless for you to get your first MVP out in the market. Whether you are demoing or delivering your first iteration of the product, we are here to help you.

To get in contact with us, either:
* Call up Audrey Friel on +44 207 101 3390
* Or Email Audrey at: [email protected]

Non-Disclosure: We want you to freely discuss your project and share relevant data. Therefore, we sign an NDA right from the start with our prospective cleints.
Sample NDA

IP Assignment: As per client's request, we are happy to sign over any IP we come across to the client

No-Attribution: All our projects come by default with a no-attribution clause: we will not showcase your project without written consent.

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time. This does not mean that we overlook the basic software development principles. Here's how we do it:

* After an intro and an NDA, we gather requirements. We study, plan, consult for the project.

* We then produce a Statement of Work (SoW) based on the above findings. The client agrees to the work to be carried out for them.

* On approval, we procure nodes/hardware/resources to get started. We plan your network and your device to survive on a long-term basis.

* In the final run, we code and construct your project for you. The amount of time it takes to build your project will vary between projects.

* If required, we can provide on-going support for the project under a separate contract.


We integrate software, hardware, APIs and ideas into a singularity. From software running on different schemes to varied hardware deployments, we bundle it all into one.

  • Alexa Skills & Voice Service

    Whether you want to integrate your product with an Alexa skill or have your own voice-activated device made, we are the right people to get it done for you. Please search Alexa Skills for "Torquesol UK Ltd"

  • Z-wave

    From Locks to coffee machines and blinds and Philips Hue devices, we integrate your product with custome-developed SDKs for z-wave. Please ask us for a demo video.

  • UPnP/dlna

    For media, nothing beats UPnP. We were one of the first people ever to integrate Sonos functions into a hub! We also provide integration with Apple TV, Kodi boxes, Fire, Chromecast and QT.

  • Oculus VR

    We have recently delivered a project requiring a walk-through of a new development in the Middle East. We integrate with custom fabrics, expertise and themes.

  • Comms: Wifi, BLE, Ethernet & more

    Is your device missing a communication channel? Or would you like to creat a BLE mesh for devices to form a communication cloud? We are the people to take you there!

Devices & Hardware

We consult, produce and support a wide variety of chips and hardware. From home automation to M2M requirements, you are in safe hands.

  • SoC / SBC

    ESP32, Raspberry-Pi, Arduino, Qualcomm chips and Atheros chips. We are the experts!

  • Sensors

    Whether it's temperature or pressure or presence, we build and integrate a multitude of sensors into the scheme. Ask us for a demo please.

  • Your Hub !

    Yup, you heard it right. We can make a complete hub for you from scratch. Please ask us for video showing our latest hub for a project.


Software sits at the heart of all IoT projects. Code that works and delivers is what we do. From small hardware drivers to a full-blown enterprise system; all is catered to.

  • Device Drivers

    Is your custom hardware module missing a driver? We provide complete support, building and documentation for custom device drivers.

  • iOS

    Wearables, phones, Tablets, TVs, hubs, Siri, Cars(?)

    Please note that we do not take up orders for Android-only situations.

  • Linux

    All IoT is Linux powered. And we are the people who power Linux. We have been making custom distors since 2006 !

  • Management Software

    We make custom management software for IoT setups and the enterprise alike. We have a long-proven track record in the field. Please ask us for references working in the wild.

  • Display

    We work on QT but aren't happy with it. We have therefore developed a novel solution based on X. Tantalizing displays on a 3" screen to 53" screen. We are the experts in displays (and error messages).

How can we help you

We sit in the middle of the IoT industry and have a vast experience with different requirements and scenarios. You can discuss your project with us in full confidence and we will provide a viable, working solution for the problem at hand.

  • Consultaion & Planning

    Our experts can guide you to the best solution available. We also work with a few hardware manufacturers from all over the world. We can consult you on prices, specs and stock.

  • R&D as a service

    Fast, reliable and always delivers. No one does a demo like we do. Quick turn-arounds; less questions and straight to something working.

  • Building & Manufacturing

    From checkeing stock levels to working with manpower to get your firmware installed on the devices; we are with you each step of the way. We also provide packaging and design resources.

  • Support & Maintainance

    Please note that all our products/ demos/ devices/ software come with a life-time warranty. Custom support is always available for large scale projects. We are also able to provide offshore 24/7 support.

Encryption & Data Services

Our experts are one of the most well-known people in the fields of Encryption and Data sciences. Rely on our skills to implement a data audit trail and provide the strongest encryption known to mankind.

We are the one of the only companies worldwide that have a proven, demonstrable track record in Blockchain projects.
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  • Encryption - ECIES

    We are experienced in developing and implementing the strongest encryption schemes. ECIES are public-key mechanisms that provide encryption, digital signature and key exchange capabilities.

  • Data Warehousing

    We love helping people make sense of their data! We can help you aggregate structured data from one or more sources so that it can be compared and analyzed for greater business intelligence.

  • Data Audit

    Say hello to a data audit trail brought in by the Blockchain era. Let our team help you with an irrefutable data trail.

  • Data Science

    From big data to macro data, our specialists can help you make models and make sense of even the most cluttered data.

Blockchain Development

We help with forks, permissioned blockchains, custom blockchains and can also get your software on board the existing public chains out there.

We are the one of the only companies worldwide that have a proven, demonstrable track record in Blockchain projects.
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  • Private Blockchains

    We can help you set-up and your very own private blockchain; some call it a permissioned Blockchain. We call it a custom-deployed Blockchain just for you!

  • Ethereum Network

    We are the expert devs on the Ethereum network. Speak to us today about a quick ETH software solution to your problem.

  • Hyperledger

    Experts in Hyperledger, we can get your software developed on this up and coming Blockchain in a jiffy!

  • Forks

    We have helped two projects with custom Bitcoin & ETH Blockchain forks - your project could be the next one using our quick turnaround services.

Dapps & Software

From start to the end, let our engineers plan, develop and implement Distributed apps and software for you.

We are the one of the only companies worldwide that have a proven, demonstrable track record in Blockchain projects.
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  • Smart Contracts

    The basic unit of programming on the Blockchain - we make smart contracts suited to your needs. Auditable, immutable and up to the mark.

  • Distributed Apps

    The way apps work has changed. And we are here to upgrade your software and that app to a Distributed app. We provide complete software development sevices for Dapps.

  • Financial Systems

    From issuing a bank account to recording an Apple pay transaction on the Blockchain: we can provide end-to-end pilots and implementations.

  • Your process Decentralized

    The solutions we make are directed towards one goal: YOUR requirements.

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